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Names for chocolate Labradors

Posted by Leslie Heywood on

Looking for a name for your Labrador puppy? Here's a short list of fantastic names that might help. They're in no particular order but there's some great names in there! Cocoa Snickers Bronzee Oreo Cookie Marabou Brownie Rolo Wispa Flake Coco Muffin Fudge Twix Candy Mocha Cadbury Bailey Koko Reese Sienna Cake Cappuccino Java Nutella Maple Chunky Brownie Kona Truffle Chip Caramel Hershey Tootsie Mousse Chai Guinness Truffle Aero Chocky Nestle Mocca Carob Éclaire Pepsi Snickers Toffi Sable Twinkie Brandy  

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